Bets on Warcraft 3

Bets on Warcraft 3

Warcraft is a popular computer game in the real-time strategy genre with RPG elements. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment in collaboration with Vivendi Universal. The first version was released in 2002. Warcraft III regularly released updates, addons and re-releases. The last of them was released in January 2020 and received very mixed reviews from critics and ordinary gamers.

Warcraft III tournaments have been held since 2005, most often in the format of LAN competitions. And since 2016, the opportunity to make money on Warcraft tournaments appeared not only for the direct participants, but also for ordinary bettors. Bets on Warcraft 3 appeared in the schedule of bookmakers’ offices.

The essence of the game

Events in the game Warcraft 3 unfold on the maps, which are placed various objects – mountains, rivers, seas and rocks. You can add your own maps, as well as use the already created. At the beginning of the game the whole map is covered with fog of war, which dissipates as soon as the hero visits the location. The essence of the game is to collect resources, build buildings and participate in the battle with the enemy.

The main resources in Warcraft are:

  • Gold.
  • Wood.
  • Food.

Gold and wood are used to build buildings, and food determines the size of the army. The player sees the field from above at a slight angle, and it can be adjusted with the mouse wheel. Information about the hero, inventory and a mini-map are located at the bottom of the screen. The day and night counter, the time, and the number of resources are displayed at the top of the game interface.

There are four sides to the conflict in the game:

  • Alliance.
  • Horde.
  • Undead.
  • Night Elves.

Each character has its own constructions, characters, as well as a battle strategy, the gamer can’t confuse the side. In the process of the game heroes gain experience, directly affecting their level. The maximum level is 10. At the sixth level players open ultimates – the main ability of any character. Experience is awarded for killing an enemy or neutral unit. The winner is the side that has destroyed all of the enemy’s buildings and characters.

It is interesting that the popular eSports discipline Dota was originally just a map for Warcraft III. Only in 2011 was released full-fledged client game by other developers. Dota 2 was created not by Blizzard Entertainment, but by Valve.

Popular tournaments and their schedules

Warcraft 3 competitions are held both online and as LAN tournaments. Below is a collection of information on the largest strategy championships:

  • ESL Meisterschaft Season 1. The tournament takes place from January 1 to April 1 and consists of two parts. The first one – online qualification matches, according to the results of which the best players get to LAN. Finals of the tournament will be traditionally held in spring in Germany. The prize pool is 50,000 dollars.
  • Dreamhack Open Winter Season. Regional tournament for Warcraft 3, at which 10 thousand dollars are raffled. Championship is conducted online and anyone can take part in it. Dates of the tournament are late November-early December.
  • WGL Winter&Summer. Tournaments from the WGL organization the most watched. Championships are held twice a year – in June and November. The prize fund is $75,000, and the tournament is open to both professional gamers and ordinary players, who have successfully performed in the qualifications.
  • Dreamhack Anaheim. Championship from the developer of the game – Blizzard Entertainment, held annually in Anaheim, USA. In April the most famous teams and participants gather in California, fighting for the prize fund of 25 thousand dollars.
  • Blizzard WC3 Invitational. A February tournament with a $15,000 prize pool from the game’s creators.
  • World Cyber Games Warcraft III. WCG tournaments are considered an analogue of the World Cup. Competitions held on a variety of eSports disciplines: Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, FIFA and Fortnite. Warcraft 3 was no exception, the winner of the World Cyber Games will receive 25 thousand dollars. The period of the tournament is the fall and winter.

Main types of bets on Warcraft 3

For most of these tournaments you can place a bet in a bookmaker’s office.

The outcomes available in the line on Warcraft III:

  • Victory in the match. In betting on Warcraft 3, there can be no draw, accordingly, according to the results of the cards played, the strongest must be determined. Matches are played in different formats – bo1, bo3, bo5, bo7. The number indicates the maximum possible number of cards played. For example, bo5 – the strongest is determined by the results of five rounds. Accordingly, to win, you must win on three cards. This will make the player unattainable for the opponent.
  • Card totals. Bettors can try to predict how many rounds will be played before the winner is determined. Depending on the prediction of the match, the user can bet on the total more or less than a specified number of cards. For example, placing a bet on TB(2.5) in a bo3 match, the bettor believes that the duel will be tense, and gamers will play all three rounds.
  • Handicap. Betting on a victory with a handicap of one of the players. Depending on whether the handicap is plus or minus, a specified number of points must be added or subtracted to the final result. For example, a bet on F1(-1.5) means that the player listed first must win with a margin of at least 2 games (2:0, 3:1, 4:2).
  • Map duration. The duration of one round depends on many factors: the speed of resource farming, the gamer’s strategy, the results of the battle and others. The bettor can try to predict this statistic, betting on the duration of the map. The total is indicated in minutes.
  • Race to N points. Betting on which player will commit the specified number of phrases first. The line includes races to 5, 10, 15 and 20 points.
  • Long-term bets. You can place a bet on Warcraft III not only a couple of days before the match or in-play, but also long before the start of the tournament. In the list of long-term bets you can find a line on the winner of the competition, the finalists, the country of the champion.

How to choose a bookie to bet on Warcraft 3

The following factors should be considered when choosing a BC:

  • The width of the line. Some bookmakers cover Warcraft III only superficially, offering bets only on the winner of the match. If a player plans to bet on additional outcomes – card totals, their duration and handicaps, it is worth choosing a betting company that provides such an opportunity.
  • Margin value. When choosing a bookmaker’s office it is not superfluous to compare the odds. The higher they are, the lower the margin of the betting company and the more the bettor will earn if the bet is placed.
  • Availability of statistics and video broadcasts. Preparing a prediction is a complex process that requires the player to work with a lot of information. Especially on the live line, when decisions are made in seconds. Statistics and live match broadcasting on the bookmaker’s website will help save the bettor’s time.

Advice for beginners

Expert advice will help not only those who bet on Warcraft 3 for the first time, but also experienced bettors who plan to earn on the eSports discipline.

  • Form a game bank. To start your way in betting, it is worth determining how much the user is willing to invest in this activity. Do not start with large sums, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of the game and betting on it.
  • Do not bet va-bank. There are no 100% events in Warcraft, just like in other disciplines. You should never bet all of your remaining money on one of the matches. This is a losing strategy that will sooner or later leave the bettor with zero in his account.
  • Watch and analyze matches. Live Warcraft III matches can be found on YouTube and Twitch. It will be useful for the bettor to watch how the professionals act and use this when predicting events.
  • Take into account the server. This is only important for online tournaments and in duels where representatives of different regions meet. A gamer from Europe playing on an Asian server against a local opponent will encounter a delay of a couple of seconds. This can affect the outcome of the fight or the entire fight.
  • Pay attention to the status of the tournament. Just like in classic sports, in Warcraft you should consider the importance of the competition. Whereas in a meaningless tournament, players often relax and give up a couple of cards, in world championships all participants act at the limit of their abilities.

By listening to this advice, beginners will increase their betting success rate and can make betting a source of additional income.

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