Tips and strategies for live in-play eSports betting for beginners

Tips and strategies for live in-play eSports betting for beginners

The fast-paced nature of eSports makes live betting an extremely popular and exciting way to wager on competitive gaming tournaments and matches as the action unfolds. However, in-play eSports betting also comes with risks given how rapidly a match situation can change.

As a seasoned eSports bettor, I’ve learned various tactics and strategies for live betting that have helped me generate consistent profits. In this guide, I’ll share key tips for beginners on how to bet in-play across top eSports titles like League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and more.

Benefits of Live eSports Betting

Here are some of the major benefits of live betting on eSports:

  • Ability to react to the match as it progresses and capitalize on odds shifts.
  • Wider variety of evolving betting markets to take advantage of.
  • Potential to mitigate pre-match bet losses by hedging in-play.
  • Chance to make more analytical bets using current match data.
  • Exciting to bet at the same time as watching a live stream.
  • Frequent odds movements open up arbitrage opportunities.

With so much potential value, every eSports bettor should learn the craft of profitable live betting.

Key Strategies for In-Play eSports Betting

Apply these top strategies when betting in-play on eSports:

  • Watch live streams with detailed match data to make informed bets.
  • Identify high-percentage situations like heavy favourites losing early.
  • Bet against momentum shifts immediately after a team scores big.
  • Target player/team-specific markets like round handicaps, next goalscorer etc.
  • Keep bets small because of volatility – don’t go “all-in” emotionally.
  • Have accounts across multiple books to capitalize when odds diverge.
  • Avoid getting carried away – stick to a structured approach.

With the right frameworks, you can thrive in live eSports betting markets.

Assessing and Reacting to Live eSports Situations

During a match, focus on assessing these key situations:

  • Which team has early map control / first blood advantage? Bet on them.
  • Is a team up significantly and likely to cruise to victory? Bet on correct score.
  • Is the favoured team inexplicably struggling? Bet on a live upset.
  • Has a star player tilted or is underperforming? Check for player prop bets.
  • Is momentum clearly swinging towards one side? Ride the momentum shift.

Pick your betting spots wisely by objectively evaluating the current scenario.

Managing Your Bankroll Live

Like any form of gambling, bankroll management is crucial:

  • Have a separate bankroll for in-play betting.
  • Make smaller bets live as matches fluctuate rapidly.
  • Set stop-losses and stick to them, rather than chasing losses.
  • Secure profits by cashing out live bets early when in a strong position.
  • Limit the amount wagered on any single live bet and overall per session.

With a measured approach, you can bet responsibly, survive variance and grow your bankroll long-term.

Common Live eSports Bet Types

Here are some of the most popular live betting markets:

  • Match winner – Backing a comeback or doubling down on lead.
  • Next team to score/get kill – Seizing momentum shifts.
  • Total rounds/kills over/under – Capping risk on ceilings.
  • Player props like aces, deaths etc. – Targeting star performances.
  • Correct score – Calling the exact final result as odds fluctuate.
  • Tourney/bracket specials – Reacting to unexpected upsets or dominations.

Scan for value across these and other live markets as the eSports action unfolds.

Avoiding Live Betting Pitfalls

Steer clear of these common live betting mistakes:

  • Betting recklessly out of boredom or frustration instead of rationally.
  • Blindly betting against the match favorite after early setback.
  • Overestimating the impact of a single big play.
  • Failing to swiftly capitalize on odds swings before books adjust.
  • Doubling down irresponsibly while chasing losses.

With emotional control and measured decisions, you can dodge these pitfalls.
Approach live eSports match situations calmly and strategically, make selective value bets at optimal odds, and manage your bankroll prudently. Get a feel for how odds shift during events and capitalize. With the tactics and knowledge above, you will be well prepared to profit from the lucrative opportunities of in-play eSports betting.

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