Betting on Fortnite

Betting on Fortnite

Fortnite is a cyber sport discipline that you can bet on in a bookmaker’s office. This computer game is inferior in popularity to Counter-Strike and Dota 2, but has thousands of fans. Because of the small number of tournaments, bets on Fortnite are not always available in bookmakers’ rosters. From this article you will learn about the features and rules of the game, championships, top gamers and teams, as well as strategies for earning.

Features and Rules of the Game

The discipline has been popular with players on Twitch since day one. Fortnite is an open-world survival simulator where gamers can mine resources and even build shelter. This is the main feature of the game – a large number of opportunities.

Not only shooting skills or knowledge of the map is important. Players should be able to quickly and reliably build a shelter called a fort. It is necessary to erect stairs, walls, windows, as well as additional protection. The main goal in Fortnite is to remain the last alive on the island.

All characters are divided into 4 categories:

  • Ninja
  • Alien
  • Commando
  • Builder

The type of character determines his skills. Builders quickly build a fort and spend less money on supplies. However, they are significantly inferior to commandos in combat. Therefore, those who play as builders follow defensive tactics, they stand little chance in combat.

A ninja, on the other hand, is weak at building structures, but moves quickly around the map and is strong in one-on-one combat. Therefore, in Fortnite it is extremely important to understand tactics: a cyber athlete must know in which situation a particular character will be appropriate.

The game features 2 modes:

  • Battle Royale. It is in this modification that all cybersport tournaments are held. The essence of the mode – 100 characters appear on the map, on which first look for gold and weapons, then proceed to active battles. On the maps there are animals, committing the murder of which, the character will get valuable resources.
  • Combat. Mode for the game together with friends. Different missions await gamers in it: building a fort and weapons, searching for resources and battles against zombies.

Tournaments, top players and teams

Fortnite tournaments are organized for both cyber athletes and regular players. Average gamers fight for cosmetic items for their characters, while professionals fight for cash prizes and their team’s prestige.

Fortnite Competitions:

  • Console Tournament
  • World Championship
  • Twitch Tournament

The second championship on the list, the Fortnite World Cup, is considered the main competition of the discipline. Its prize pool is $30 million.

Large winnings contribute to the active development of cybersports in Fortnite. New names regularly appear in the discipline.

Features of Betting on Fortnite

Before placing a bet on Fortnite, you need to learn about the specifics of this game. The following are the main features to keep in mind:

  • There are no favorites. There are 100 players on the battlefield, each of whom can emerge victorious. This is what makes it difficult to choose a bet on Fortnite.
  • Bookmakers, in addition to betting on professional tournaments, there is a spread on streamers. Due to the small number of championships in the discipline, bookmakers gives a line on gamers’ matches. Next to the coverage, the bettor will also find the live broadcast, with the help of which he can find out the result.
  • Betting on Fortnite is not suitable for regular earnings. Betting on streamers is risky, and there are not many major championships in the discipline. Fortnite is not comparable to Dota 2, whose events are held every day.
  • Character class affects style. Builders never act aggressively, hence, such players have a better chance of taking high positions at the end of the battle. Ninjas are strong in melee combat, while commandos are faster at building weapons. These classes tend to focus more on starting battles and kills.

Betting odds

The following outcomes are available for betting in the bookmakers’ list of bets:

  • The winner of the battle. It is necessary to predict which player will be the last survivor on the island.
  • Getting into the top 5, 10, 25 and 50. A player only needs to be in the top list to enter the wager.
  • Total kills.
  • Who will end up higher. Bettors can try to predict which of the two players will manage to take the higher position. Often pairs are formed from representatives of the same team or just the most famous cyber athletes.
  • Long term bets. Such betting appears on large Fortnite tournaments. It is possible to make a bet on the gamer’s playoffs, finals or championship win.

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