Explaining common live eSports bet types for betting beginners

Explaining common live eSports bet types for betting beginners

The fast-paced and unpredictable nature of eSports makes live betting an extremely popular and exciting way to wager on competitive gaming tournaments and matches. While pre-match markets tend to be limited, hundreds of additional in-play betting options open up once a game is underway.

As an avid eSports fan and bettor, I’ve spent years carefully analyzing the various live betting markets across top titles like League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and more. In this guide, I’ll explain the most common eSports bet types available for live wagering and key strategies to approach them as a beginner.

Match Winner

The most straightforward live bet is on the outright match winner. This allows you to bet on a comeback victory or double down on the team leading once you’ve assessed the current state of the matchup mid-game. Watch factors like momentum, economy, and hero/agent compositions.

Map Winner

In multi-map matches, you can bet on the outcome of the specific map being played. This is useful if a clear favorite unluckily lost map one – you can still back them to take map two. Alternately, ride a team once they gain map lead momentum.

Next Kill

One of the most popular in-play bet types is predicting which team or player will get the next kill or objective. Study ultimate usage, player positions, and weaponry to make an informed bet on who has the best chance to secure the pivotal next kill.

Total Kills/Rounds

You can bet on updated totals like over/under kills or rounds in the remainder of the match as odds makers constantly adjust them while the game progresses. If it’s likely to be a lopsided finish or go down to the wire, you can find value in these dynamic totals.

Correct Score

For matches with clear favorites, betting on the exact final match score allows you to get better odds. Study factors like the win margin so far, remaining map/round outlook, and any momentum shifts that may alter the final scoreline.

Player Props

In-play wagering also enables betting on player props tied to in-game performance. You can bet on markets like a star player’s total kills, next player to ace, or whether a struggling competitor goes deathless before the timer expires.

Tournament Specials

For major tournaments, compelling live specials and outcomes pop up related to bracket prognostications. You can bet on which underdog exceeds expectations to advance, whether any epic game five overtimes occur, or if the grand finals ends in a sweep.

There are countless other emerging live bet types like multi-kills, comebacks, and even usage of specific abilities. Be creative and keep scanning for opportunities. The key is swiftly capitalizing before the books adjust odds.

Crucial Tips for Live eSports Betting

Apply these tips when betting in-play:

  • Swiftly place bets before books can react to match events.
  • Don’t make emotional bets – assess situations calmly before wagering.
  • Have multiple sportsbook accounts open to compare live odds and lines.
  • Start with smaller stakes as you get a feel for volatile markets.
  • Avoid chasing losses – stick to thoughtful value bets.

With the right mindset and methodology, the broad spectrum of live eSports betting markets offers tremendous potential. But always gamble responsibly.

How Live Odds Shift

Be aware of how these key events impact live odds:

  • Early lead or first blood → favored team’s odds shorten.
  • Major comeback → underdog’s odds drop rapidly.
  • Star player struggles → props like their kills drop.
  • Moments of dominance → heavy match favorite odds increase.
  • Technical issues → spreads expand while result hangs in balance.

Closely monitoring odds movements is crucial for identifying live betting value.

In a Rapidly Evolving Game

Live eSports betting markets change extremely dynamically from moment to moment. But armed with match awareness, quick analytical thinking, and data-driven bets, you can capitalize on favorable situations for immense upside. So watch closely, bet selectively, and embrace the exciting rollercoaster of in-play eSports wagering.

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