Overwatch esports betting guide

Overwatch esports betting guide

In this article, we will cover the basics of Overwatch betting. Find out what types of bets you can place. Good luck and enjoy your betting!

Getting to know Overwatch betting

Betting on Overwatch is a fantastic way for fans to profit from their favorite game and make watching Overwatch tournaments even more exciting. To succeed in betting on this esports game, you need to spend time on preparation, namely, learning the basics of the game, what types of cards and heroes are represented in it, the difference between game modes, etc. Below, we have prepared a guide to help you get started.

Rules of the game

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter where 12 players are divided into two opposing teams that compete with each other. Each player chooses a character according to the team’s requirements. There are several different game modes, each with its own set of maps. For example, in the Capture the Flag mode, also known as CTF, the main goal is to get the opposing team’s flag and bring it to the location of your team’s flag. During a seasonal event, you have the option to choose a special game mode. Overwatch offers more maps compared to other games, a larger selection of heroes, and is famous for its fast-paced gameplay.


Each Overwatch hero has special abilities that can be upgraded during the game. Each hero plays an important role in the team with its own special skills and weaknesses. Thus, the right combination of heroes and the right team composition are crucial to winning the match. Let’s take a look at the roles of Overwatch heroes below.


Heroes in this role are responsible for tracking and fighting enemies of their team. They have a rather low health level. That’s why they need support heroes to be close to them. On the other hand, attack heroes are skilled enough to win one-on-one battles. The strength of the attack and the style of the heroes differ. Offensive heroes are now also known as damage heroes, and include Reaper, Tracer, Genji, McCree, and some others.


One of the two roles besides Offense that has been merged into a single role of Damage. Defense characters have the ability to deal significant damage while supporting their teammates. They block access to the target by setting up turrets and cannons on the way to it. Defense characters use their sniper skills to take down any threat from a distance. Bastion, Torbjorn, May, Widowmaker, Jankrat, and Hanzo are the heroes of the defense role.


Tank heroes focus on protecting their teammates, with special abilities centered on high resistance, endurance, and self-sustainment. They create shields to protect other heroes and themselves. Abilities allow them to take the lead in defense. Heroes of the tank role are D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Sigma, Roadhog and others.


Heroes in this role benefit other team members as they are responsible for healing other squad members. They can increase the speed of their friends. Support heroes are not strong enough to withstand a one-on-one battle and require the presence of other heroes. Ana, Bridget, Lucio, Mercy are some of the support heroes.


Studying the Overwatch metagame is very important for successful betting. Fresh patches are constantly appearing that directly affect the gameplay, so it is better to learn about them before the tournament. These updates are designed to maintain the game’s balance. The goal in the game may appear and disappear (for example, Triple Tank and Deathball). Therefore, before placing a bet on Overwatch, find out as much information as possible about new patches.

Game modes

There are seven game modes in Overwatch. Four of them are available in Quick Play – Assault, Escort, Hybrid, and Control, and three in Arcade – Capture the Flag, Elimination, and Deathmatch. The presence of different game modes attracts many players and those interested in betting in Overwatch. Let’s take a look at the Quick Play modes.

EscortIn this mode, the attacking team must deliver the payload to delivery points across the map, passing through 2-3 checkpoints. For the successful completion of the mission, it is very important to stay close to the delivered cargo. If the attacking team is not too far away from the payload and is still actively denying it when the time runs out, additional time will be added.
AssaultIn this mode, one team attacks and the other defends two capture points on the map. The attacking and defending teams switch roles after the first round. When all points are successfully captured or defended, the game is over.
HybridHybrid mode is a combination of Assault and Tracking modes. First, you need to capture a point as in Assault mode. Then you need to escort the payload to the final destination on the map.
ControlThe Control mode offers a unique game format in which two opposing teams fight for one point in each round. Unlike other modes, the map is smaller. Another difference between the Control mode is that it consists of several rounds. The winner is the side that wins two cards first.

Card pool

With 21 maps, Overwatch opens up endless possibilities for an unforgettable gaming experience for eSports fans and bettors alike. Maps are designed for each game mode. Take a look at the examples below.

Game modeExamples of maps
EscortDorado, Junkertown, Watchtower: Gibraltar, Riatto, Route 66, Havana
AssaultHanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Paris, Anubis Temple, Volsky Industries
HybridNumbani, Eichenwalde, Blizzard World, King’s Row, Hollywood
ControlBusan, Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis

Betting options for Overwatch

The best bookmakers provide a wide range of betting options to choose from. You can make a prediction long before the tournament starts and get a bigger profit thanks to higher odds. Or you can place a bet while watching the match live. With such a selection of Overwatch betting options, both experienced and novice bettors can easily make a profit. Check out some of the most popular bet types below and choose the one that suits you best.

Money line betsBeginners should stick to moneyline bets because they do not require much knowledge of the specifics of the game. All you need to do is to bet on the overall outcome of the match with a 50/50 probability of winning.
Open bets/futuresOverwatch outright betting involves predicting which team will be the overall winner of the tournament. It is very popular among novice bettors because it does not require extensive knowledge of the game. However, it requires special patience, as you need to wait until the end of the tournament. To place a winning bet, spend some time studying the teams’ statistics and history of their performances. The earlier you place such a bet before the tournament starts, the higher your chances will be.
Battery betsThis type of betting in Overwatch is a bit more complicated than the previous ones. You can combine several bets into one if you are an experienced and confident bettor. In the case of a cumulative bet, all odds are multiplied together and will bring you a huge profit if your predictions are correct. However, if one of your bets turns out to be inaccurate, you will lose the entire bet amount.
Spread/handicap betsSpread or handicap is a type of betting in which bookmakers decide to encourage bets on a weaker team by adding extra points to its final score. For example, a bookmaker gives 3 points to the underdogs. If the score of the match was 3-1, the result for gamblers will look different if it is a spread. With additional points, it will become 3-4, and the winner in this case will be the weaker team.
Special betsSpecial bets focus on the specifics of the game and require a deeper knowledge of the game if you want to place a successful bet on Overwatch. Such bets are placed on certain in-game elements rather than on the final outcome of the battle. In this case, you can bet on the total number of kills or goals.
Bets in the gameThis type of bet in Overwatch is available in different formats and should be placed after the game starts. This bet is more recommended for experienced players as they need to make quick decisions when the odds change.

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